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About Me


Painting brings me infinite joy and I am passionate about sharing this with others as my work often becomes an integral part of their personal spaces. I love the unpredictable nature of abstract art in particular, since these images can be equally soft and serene, or vibrant and chaotic.


I am often asked about what influences my pieces and, like most artists, I find it hard to differentiate between how I experience life and where this weaves itself into my work. My inspirations are varied- from the scenic landscapes that remain intact from memory of adventures flying from coast to coast throughout the US, to the changing Dubai community and panoramas stretched before me for the last 14 years. The blue sea, the stark beauty of the desert, and the varied diversity of people living here can be interpreted in the multiplicity found in my paintings.


What emerges from the canvas is deliberate however the final result often surprises me. I invite you take a look- perhaps something I created will inspire and astound you as well!

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